Nadja Haas; Foto by AURA

Advanced Performance

Developing new tactics to create advanced concepts.

Works include solos as well as collaborations.

Cocoon (coming soon)

Cocoon is a collaboration with Biest, Kaimon Thürk and Nathalie Wahlberg, with sound by Daniel Matz.

Queens Rising (2019)

QUEENS is a poetic discovery. The audience is witness to a perspective of the contemporary female body.

“The body is not a thing, it’s a situation: it’s our grasp on the world and our sketch of our project.”
Simone de Beauvoir.

QUEENS is an artist collective: performers Nadja Haas, Christine Bonansea, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Yuko Kaseki, sound artist Superhand and Katharina Schönbach.

Snork Performing (2016)

In her triptych of performances “Snork” (Green / Blue / Pink, ), Nadja embodies the faceless mask behind Snork, an invented figure that portrays the artist as a narrator.
Snork is vulnerable, but masked. Snork is sensitive, but relentless. Snork is transient, but catchy. Snork is real and not digital.

Other Performances and Exibitions

Bethanien Kunsthaus, Lecture Performance Berlin Ponderosa Festival, Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg Gallery Ballery, Berlin Gallery Berlin Art School Andreas Schmidt Gallery Berlin Indian Embassy Berlin, K77 / Kastanienallee, Dock11,  PAF Berlin, Tatwerk, Berlin, Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

Nadja Dances