Nadja Haas; Foto by AURA

About Nadja Haas

Artist, Poet and Dancer.

Born 1970 in the very heart of Germany, Nadja soon found herself drawn into the arts. She is not only dancer and poet, but also life coach, teacher, healer and performer.

Nadjas Education

Her education as an artist includes names such as

  • Foundation Course Painting and Drawing Bayam Shaw, London,
  • UK BA Fine Art Multimedia / Painting,
    Kingston University, Surrey GB
  • Diploma, Performing Arts Dance / Choreography,
    Holborn Performing Arts Center, London,
  • UK MA Master Degree Slade School of Fine Arts,
    UCL London GB

Nadjas Work Process

Nadja´s work process is focused on installations, drawing, writing, dance and performance. Her work is based in several original versions. She examines the tension between performance and traditional text / images, structures and processes. So she constantly develops new tactics to achieve an advanced performance concept. It discusses conceptual fields as the transience of performance, different methods of documenting performances or rituals and sign systems. Her work is often created in collaboration with other performers, sound engineers and musicians. She writes her own texts and uses them as a road map.

Nadjas Teachings

Current teachings include:

  • Design Processing NANA and Art Humboldt University in collaboration with IndiaBridge
  • Art performance workshops bilingual secondary school BBS
  • Odissi Indian Dance & Yoga as well as Contemporary Dance classes
  • Berlin Art School Lecturer
  • Performance workshops
  • Mentorship single art master student in Copenhagen.


Nadja Haas is member of the Women Artists AAWAssociation SF CA USA, the Red Poppy Art House Association SF CA USA and Café Nana.

Advanced Concepts

Current performances include Bethanien Kunsthaus, Lecture Performance, PAF (Performing Arts Festival Berlin), Ponderosa Festival, K77 / Kastanienallee, Queens Rising and Cocoon.

Nadja Haas Performing
Nadja Haas Dancing